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At present, almost 8 billion people live on Earth. Each of us emits about 240 liters of CO2 every day.

And yet it is only a trace of gas which occurs at 0.045% in the atmosphere.

Why should CO2 be banned everywhere?

Many people all over Europe and also worldwide and millions of people just do not believe that CO2 should be blamed for everything and everything and what the so-called Greens want to ban and already have banned.

We have launched a public petition, and everyone can participate worldwide.

Let’s finally put an end to the CO2 lie forever.

What is it about:

1. In one sentence: «CO2» from ALL laws, forever delete.

2. In several sentences:

The only salvation for Germany, Europe and the world in one sentence:

«We have to save the world from the Greens»

Put simply, delete and banish the word «CO2» from ALL laws forever. An online vote with a petition for «yes» to delete as a word from all laws by enough Falsifikatoren.

Environmental management instead of CO2 rip-off. Put an end to the «climate religion» and take care of real problems.

Redefining environmental protection: observing – planning – implementing – preserving – developing

And then bans and new laws.

Why is the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement NOT legally binding under international law?

Because it’s just an agreement, and NOT A CONTRACT!

Motto: One for all, all for one.

As? Using the example of «The Legend of the Chessboard»

Take every day 10 min. Time and tell it every day to your fellow human beings, work colleagues and neighbors.

Every day, write new people and politicians, and each of these people should do the same as you.

Did you notice what was banned in the last few years?

Bulb prohibition, halogen ban, diesel ban, petrol ban, all power plants in Germany to be shut down by 2039. The Greens want to reduce CO2 emissions in Switzerland to zero, by federal constitution until 2024!!!

Everything banned by the CO2 lie. But CO2 is below 0.045% and thus it lacks any discussion in laws.

Unfortunately, the current policy lacks the idea. And worldwide, 31,000 scientists say that there is NO man-made «climate change».

If you think so, YES, it pays to get up and join in, then take a look at the website here, take a look at the videos, the information in here provides the basics to understand the whole subject of the CO2 lie to avert the full extent of the potential catastrophe in Europe that is coming our way.

If we can do that, be one sure, then other laws will fall

One for all, all for one!

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